How to add less custom file for a particular page (product list page)

I'm building a custom theme in Mgento and the Luma theme is my parent theme. I'm trying to personalize the product list page with my own style.

Here's what I did

  1. I've copied list.phtml from the catalog of modules and placed it under my theme (Magento_Catalog / templates / product / list.phtml)
  2. Add a _module.less file under Magento_Catalog / web / css / source / to extend the luma product list page.
    When I try to run the static deployment ordered, I get an error below.


    Can not read file contents "/ Users / georgemm / Sites / magento2 / pub / static / f
    rontend / George / ultimate / en_US / css / styles-m.css "Warning! file_get_contents (/
    Users / georgemm / Sites / magento2 / pub / static / frontend / George / ultimate / en_US / css
    /styles-m.css): failed to open stream: file or directory of this type

Can you please help how to extend less file for a particular page?