How to Airdrop images from my iPhone to my computer WITHOUT annoying-ass JPEG compression?

I’m not a broke-ass bum, I can afford terabytes of storage. PLENTLY for full resolution images. So why is it that when I transfer images from my phone to my computer, they are converted to JPEG and compressed? I don’t want lossy compression, the full resolution images are worth more to me than a few kilobytes on my disc. Why does Apple automatically assume I’m a bum with a 10 year old computer and treats images as if it’s the 1970’s, lossly compressing them, losing image quality for an insignificant amount of storage. Also my internet is fast so bandwidth isn’t a problem either. So, how can I transfer images via Airdrop without compression, because my and any non-bum’s computer should be able to handle it with EASE? How can I transfer images with 100 percent quality and resolution?