How to automatically develop "Continue reading" links on a profile page on Facebook?

Facebook tends to reduce their messages in the label See more or Continue reading. Although we can expand the first, it is not possible to do with the second. We have to click on the link and see the content in a new page. This form of message posting is unproductive to me. I'm some people on Facebook and, every few weeks, check out their profile page to read their content. Due to the continuation of reading links, I have to read the content separately, then go back to the homepage and follow the reading of the other articles. There are sometimes a handful of longer publications, so it's irritating for me to see them in a new tab / page.

I know that there is no solution from Facebook as it is a status by design. So I'm not looking for obvious answers, that is, "no, it's not possible, and so on …".

I came across a javascript-based solution and that just develops See More. To continue reading, it automatically opens them in new tabs. It's only half of what I need.

So, how can I load these links Continue reading in the same page, like See More?