How to configure the Centos Web Panel module in Blesta

I have the Blesta server supply system.

I've installed the Centos Web Panel Module in Blesta, but I can not configure it to provide services automatically on the CWP VPS.

If I try to manually activate Blesta services, the web browser may generate a 503 error.

The cron jobs are configured at once (the CWP server itself and in Blesta)

The server logs show nothing else about the success or failure of the provision, but simply that the cron is scheduled to run every 5 minutes.

The Blesta documentation contains absolutely no instructions on installation and, more importantly, CWP configuration (even though Blesta developers, Phillips data, created the module).

I provided Blesta staff with root access to both my CWP server and Blesta, and after 2 days I received nothing from them except to say "nothing do not go "(and yet nothing says so clearly that something is wrong !!!)

Does anyone here have an experience with the Blesta CWP module and suggestions on how to make that work?