How to get a list of all URLs from multiple sitemaps listed using an index sitemap?

I prefer to use command line tools to extract sitemap URLs. Most Sitemaps have each URL on their own line, making them fully compatible with Unix command line tools. I can easily extract your four sitemap URLs from your index sitemap:

$ curl -s | gunzip | grep -oE & # 39; https: //[^<]+ & # 39;

You can either paste each of these four URLs into a tool similar to the one you've listed, or use command-line tools to examine them in more detail:

$ curl -s | gunzip | grep <loc & # 39; | grep -oE & # 39; https: //[^<]+ & # 39;

You can also create sitemaps with any text editor. You may need to uncompress them first with an uncompressed program. (That's what gunzip done in my command-line examples above.)