How to get daily 100k unique traffic?

I am wonder some site gets daily 100k traffic how to get it.I am newbie in this field,thats why need guidance.
I know about the attracted contents.But beside it,what is more i need to do to get that amount of visitors daily?

I have submitted my site in most of the web directory site and search engine.
Currently i get average 5 direct visitors daily.

Can we generate it using Traffic exchange sites?
Which is the best TE site to generate 24hrs unique traffic with less price?

I want to add cpm advertiser in my new site.If i get that amount of traffic daily.Then it will be a good way to earn large money.

Please give any suggestion.

Another thing beside this is, which is Traffic exchange site or traffic source is good to give traffic to the iframe site,specially ptp sites?

Thank You.