How to increase the traffic on the site?

Companies can not get noticed because they always do everything wrong online, at least … they think they know, but they do not. Christ – if you want the traffic to turn into sales, do not direct the same activity as 15,000 others : rolling eyes: The three main search engines will fluctuate the results to penalize and minimize you, but their very design is, in the strictest sense, designed to keep the sites in a very specific order where only the most important revenue generators / performers can "win the first place". – and it's a clever scam / control method to force the purchase of PPC – it's done very well.
There are "levels" and differences between sites, and this determines the link, the business figure, or the direct traffic levels – the business / site category determines the success of the business. a certain type of site – (I'll talk about that later) – but some sites will be Better than any other traffickers in the most devastating and devastating way possible – and you can not win, you do not never beat, so it's foolish to think you'll do it.

Basically, the only free online content is worthless, all forums will tell you. Too many unnecessary and impossible activities, for example: hunt / wait for links
on high traffic websites, when the answer is still NO! – the sites will just block you, after the huge effort of spamming open forms (even with automatic forms filler), the publisher's system automatically blocks you, making all activity worthless. You can not beat technology, no one can.

You will find below why you and most of you will not be able to get targeted traffic or sales. As our friend above said:…ding-is-dead-as-a-dodo.2794188/#post-19421715…-still-effective.2748439/page-3#post-19422407

it should explain things and put you on the right track