How to make your first bucks from Sharing Adults Videos | NewProxyLists


the last month I discover a great website that allows me to monetize from my adult video that uploads and gets extra dollars from it, the website called

you probably ask how I do it, Simply I upload an Adult video on hosts like Onlystream, Vidfast, GO,… (I highly recommend to share in Multiple hosts). after that, I Submit my embeds on Leecporn and fill all the required information. “you can copy videos from pornhub And share them there “

The second way that I use is Sharing on Telegram, Twitter and Tumbler since Instagram become very hard to promote there, keep in mind that you had to make a lot of twitter and Tumbler accounts in order the get more engagement.

For telegram, I use a software called Telegram Auto Social Media Marketing to get usernames from discussion groups (Doesn’t work with channels).

Since I start using these methods I get between 47 to 55 dollars every week.

If Anything to help you with Tell me on PM