How to proactively prevent data-theft if a stolen android phone is immediately taken offline?

  • Assume that it is an android 10+ and that it is encrypted.
  • Assume that it is protected by a 6-digit pseudo-random pin code.
  • Assume that the data can be erased remotely using google’s “Find My Device” service.

If the thief shuts the phone down, they’ll have to contend with the disk encryption (it will wipe itself after a certain number of incorrect tries)

If the thief doesn’t shut down the phone, they’ll have to bypass the lock screen before I am able to erase the data remotely.

If however, the thief simply places the phone in airplane mode (which doesn’t require a pin to access), then they’ll have unlimited time to bypass the lock screen.

  1. How likely are they to bypass the lock screen assuming little to no resources, fairly skilled, but hellbent on data extraction?
  2. Is there anything I can do proactively to not only make it harder for them to bypass the lock screen but also to prevent data-theft once/if they do.

The type of data I would be concerned about:

  • Email inbox.
  • Chat conversations (Skype; Whatsapp*; Slack).

I do have the option of removing said applications and data, but that would also make the phone largely useless to me.

  • Is especially tricky given that they’ll also have access to the sim card, and I am unlikely to be able to have it blocked/replaced somehow.