How to promote affiliate products?

Free traffic

1. Facebook groups on your niche. Create a group or page and promote it.

2. Youtube (Publish a review of your affiliate product)

3. (give quality answers for people to access your profile link)

4. (as above)

5. Related Forums on Your Niche (Give Quality Answers for People to Access Your Profile Link)

6.Blog Commenting (Give relevant comments and quality) (follow a lot of people on your niche) (publish relevant photos with appropriate hashtags) (Increase the number of members with the process Follow and no longer follow)

Paid traffic

Facebook Ads (Get Optimized Or Take Help From Fb Ads Expert)

Instagram (send a message to someone who has many followers, say 200k, and tell him to create a post for your

product / website.)

Youtube (as above, you will tell someone to put your link on the description of the video)

Solo ads: Find the appropriate site

Bing Ads: (Be careful here because you can start for free !!!)


1.Sign a free account

2.Add your payment details

3.Start the live chat and ask them for a free promotional code (they will give you a free $ 100 advertising coupon)

4. Once the coupon is complete, if you deposit $ 15, they will give you a free $ 75 coupon.