How to recover a Gmail password without security question – Everything else

Losing or forgetting your Gmail password is not a wonderful experience because you lose access to your account, you also lose access to all the information and all the contacts. However, this does not mean that you can not recover your account. You must follow a certain procedure to recover your account.

Google allows you to reset your password, but you must answer the security question you answered when you created the account. However, if you do not keep in mind the solution to the questions in question, Google gives you several other ways to reset your password. The methods are an alternative email address and a mobile phone number associated with the Gmail account.

Find out how to recover the Gmail password without security issues

Other e-mail address method
1. Visit the Gmail account recovery page.
2. Enter the name of the user with whom you used to access your Gmail account and select "Send".
3. Check the box "Confirm access to my recovery e-mail".
4. Google will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.
5. Just follow the instructions to set a new password.

Cell number method
1. Go to the Google Account Recovery web page.
2. Enter the user name you used to sign in to your Gmail account.
3. Click on "Submit".
4. Check the box next to "Get a verification code on my phone".
5. You have the choice between how to obtain the verification code. You can either use an automatic voice message or a text message.
6. Click "Continue".
7. Enter the proposed verification code in the box provided and click "Continue".
8. Just follow the instructions to set a new password.