How to return two values ​​in AJAX?

I have the form as an upgrade form for old customers who wish to upgrade their old products. The shape looks like,

I have one [dropdown select ] I want: two [dropdown select] price: *
=> Automatic answer based on selection by drop-down list.

The price in the form of an automatic answer according to the drop-down menu of the entries. The point here is how can I include in my shipping cost, the same requirement that I have to include two automatic answer.

my training session:


FYI: As stated above, for example, the values ​​are dummy, my code using different data, the logic is the same.

    Upgrade cost

KoluPadi Upgrade Form

First name:
Last name :
Address :
City :
State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code :
Email ID:
Mobile number :
I have:
I would like :
Price (Rs):
Shipping costs (Rs):

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FYI => Refer first if condition only.