How to start my personal Zoom room using Siri on macOS?

Solution: Use a script saved an application

Siri on macOS doesn’t support third-party integration yet, but it can launch applications—thus, we can save an AppleScript as an application and have Siri activate it.


  1. Open Script Editor.

  2. Create a new document and type in the following:

    tell application "" to activate
    tell application "System Events"
        tell process ""
            set StartMeeting to menu item "Start Meeting" of menu "" of menu bar 0
            repeat while not enabled of StartMeeting
                delay 0.25
            end repeat
            click StartMeeting
        end tell
    end tell

    The repeat while not enabled section makes the AppleScript wait until Zoom has finished launching before trying to open your Zoom room. Otherwise, it won’t work.

  3. Save it, and in the save dialog, call the script “My Room Zoom”, save it to the /Applications folder, and set the file format to “Application”

    Save Dialog

  4. Done!

Now you can say “Hey Siri, open my Zoom Room” and Siri will interpret your command as “launch the application called ‘My Room Room.’”

This application will launch Zoom if it isn’t already running and then start a meeting with your default settings.

Note that the first time you launch the application, it will ask for some permissions on Catalina, and you’ll have to go into System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and tick the box for “My Zoom Room.”

Bonus: Create a global keyboard shortcut

  1. Open Automator

  2. Create a new document of type “Quick Action” (formerly called Services)

  3. Drag in a “Run AppleScript” action and type in:

    on run
        tell application "My Zoom Room" to activate
    end run
  4. Adjust the Quick Action image and colour if you want, and save it as “Open my Zoom Room.”

    It should look something like this:

    Automator script

  5. Now open up System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Go to “Services” and scroll until you see “Open my Zoom room.” Click to set a shortcut. I use Cmd-Ctrl-Opt-Z.


You can now press Cmd-Ctrl-Opt-Z anytime anywhere to launch your personal Zoom room, regardless of whether Zoom was already running or not.