How to use escrow services

hi tks for your update its appreciated.. but that site has been there for year with bad reputation in a lot of case basically they keep the money. i have known that company for years since beginning 2000 even at that time they had same reputation. recently what i have seen on some forum is that the op of forum select middlemen who act as the escrow during the process once process complete the middlemen send the money to the seller or buyer in most case they dont charge for small transaction for bigger transaction they charge 3%.. seen it on 1 forum

you second approach is also good i will try that one. my approach was provide me the account that i want to purchase, give me a time frame to pay once i receive the account. if payment not receive within that time frame then cancel my account.. this way the seller doesn’t loose anything and the buyer as well. I try that approach and didnt want to do this. dont understand why as we were both protected both end ..