How to use Message-ID in the header to filter (filter) e-mails?

Recently started receiving streams of torrent spams immediately after the passage of the Internet Service Provider (Charter-Spectrum) to an upgraded email system. Five e-mail addresses from my ISP receive the same spam each day. Some type of UTF-8 encoding is used to hide the detection of text in the From and Object lines, but all have different addresses (spoofed and masked). The only thing that is consistent in all these 100+ emails is that they all have "" (without the quotation marks) in the Message-ID header line. Is there a way to filter these emails by filtering all emails with "@" in the Message-ID header line – using Outlook or using an interface software for cleaning spam, spam, spam? Is there any spam cleaning software that allows filtering based on any header line entry? In this era of global spam epidemics, why are spam filtering and filtering options so limited that they are largely useless?