How to write books of tradition and history in the universe

I represent a Dnd group (5th) in a personalized campaign setting that I build under construction as and when. One of my players is very interested in the history and traditions of the world and often tries to find knowledge by looking for books, etc. I'm really happy that he's so interested in my world and this often gives me good opportunities to think more about certain aspects of my world, but I'm not sure of the proper way to distribute this information .

What I often do is improvise the name of a book he will find during the session, and then write about a page of summary on the subject from the point of view of the fictional author. The problem I see with this approach is that it is abnormal to have an entire book consisting of a single page of information, which also perfectly summarizes its content.

But I make want to do the written tradition. If, for example, I had to tell the player something like: "After reading the book, you discover X, Y and Z.", we have the impression of a direct and dry exposure, the player is not tangible (no frayed parchment / page) and I do not have the pleasure of writing from an NPC's point of view.

How can I transmit to players written knowledge of my game world, without making it a dry exposure? Is my current approach valid for this problem?