HP Proline with P400 RAID Card


I wanted to install centos 7 on my HP Proline Dual Xeon L5420 dedicated server, 16GB of storage and 1TB x 2, the problem is that Centos 7 does not support the Raid P400 card driver, there are some solutions to install a former pilot, etc.

I want to know if I install Windows 2012 Server R2, it is ok with this RAID card and I have installed the RAID card software in Windows, it shows me the status of the RAID card and the readers, etc. He also showed me the status of the battery when I asked the data center. they replaced the battery.

Now, how to install Centos 7 via Hyper-V and use it to host clients? I want to host a maximum of 100 to 120 clients, who use mostly email and some use websites. Is this configuration reliable?

Please advise me.