html – Scraping Information for a result on a page of several results

I would like to scrape / analyze the data for a particular result from one page of multiple results.

For example, below is an excerpt from the source HTML of a page that contains two results for a business search in a business directory. Both have commercial elements such as Status. However, I only want the commercial items associated with the 311 South Swall Drive mailing address.

2615 Fruitland Ave, Los Angeles, California 90058


Industry:Mfg Outerwear for women / young ladies

Members (3):Mel Salde (Accountant, inactive)
Edir Haroni (Sponsor, inactive)
Stephanie Kleinjan (Sponsored, inactive)

311 South Swall Drive, Los Angeles, California 90048


Recording:Sep 26, 2006

Status ID:C2904860

Type of company:Articles of Incorporation

Member:Ashwant Venkatram (President, inactive)

I'm trying to remove the Status, Registration, Status ID, Company Type and Member of 311 South Swall Drive, and not similar fields for the other result. Unfortunately, the business directory has no way to enter the address to limit the search to a result.