html – Website Builders – Code Integration

Does anyone know of a website builder/platform that integrates databases, HTML, and PHP all together? I am not talking about WIX and Google Sites as these platforms are not designed specifically for coding. I am talking about a site where you click a button and it gives you the HTML, PHP, etc. for basic chat features, insert of images, and blog features. I am working on a project that feels exhausting and any help in this way would be helpful.

For example, having a site that adds blog and chat features would be super beneficial to what I am doing. However, I would need to go in and adjust the code a little bit. I feel like there is something out there that allows one to do this while simultaneously seeing the HTML, PHP, etc. code that you type. Any ideas!

I am using PHP version 7.3.23 and using primarily HTML files. Here is some additional information for my database as well.

Additional Info for Database:

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket

Server type: MySQL

Server connection: SSL is not being used Documentation

Server version: 5.6.49-cll-lve – MySQL Community Server (GPL)