html5 – How to add in HTML 5?

I want to know if it is possible to add fields from a table and display them in one of its columns, I leave an image for it to be understood.

in the total column, I want to display the sum of the quantity fields:
enter the description of the image here

This is my HTML code:
enter the description of the image here

And here is my JSON:

Date: new date ("1/4/19"),
menu1: Ajiaco & # 39;
menu2: 'Pollo a la provenzal with roasted potatoes',
menu3: 'Pork loin with rice',
menu4: "omelette with chard and salads",
menu5: "Soya burgers with roasted vegetables",
cant1: 61,
cant2: 12,
cant3: 32,
cant4: 41,
cant5: 12,
Date: new date (2 2/4/19)),
menu1: "Lentils with parmesana con longaniza",
menu2: "Beef Goulash with Exotic Rice",
menu3: "Rosemary turkey with knotted ties",
menu4: Omelette at the planter with salads,
menu5: 'Tricolor Budin with stir-fried vegetables',
cant1: 11,
cant2: 2,
cant3: 42,
cant4: 4,
cant5: 2,
}, ................................................ ..

I hope this can be done without JS since my idea is to show the current total they've put and not having to reload the data source.
Greetings! and thank you very much