HTTPS for WWW and without WWW for my site


I run a website What I am facing problem is as below.

In the boot site hosted on Godaddy with SSL and everything was going well. The site opened well with www or without www, but after a while we have a speed problem and 503; so we are changing server and are currently using VPS or Bigrock.

Our SSL was on Godaddy and when we install it on our site, it is redirected automatically to Previously, our site index with www and we also submitted the sitemap to Google with www so we would get a software error notice.

Is there a problem with the SSL installation? … I'm not sure and that's why ask. I'm using SSL for the first time on one of our sites. Means suggest.

I've tried to manage it from htaccess, but it's a redirection error that does not redirect properly.

What I want is that our website should open with www or without www normally. Please suggest to me that how can I do it. I want to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Website developed in PHP cake.

I hope your suggestion will be faster and better.