Hydra attack ssh : The message is successful, but when using the error

I execute the command

hydra -l ubnt -p ubnt -t 4 ssh 

I get the message it’s successful

Hydra (http://www.thc.org/thc-hydra) starting at 2021-02-22 11:32:05
(DATA) max 1 task per 1 server, overall 1 task, 1 login try (l:1/p:1), ~1 try per task
(DATA) attacking ssh://
(22)(ssh) host:   login: ubnt   password: ubnt
1 of 1 target successfully completed, 1 valid password found
Hydra (http://www.thc.org/thc-hydra) finished at 2021-02-22 11:32:07

But when you visit

putty -l ubnt -pw ubnt
ssh ubnt@

I can not access.Please tell me the possible reason? And how to fix it