I am an Australian transgender and I have already traveled to Iran. can I go to Guam without a visa?

I am on an Australian passport and I want to go to Guam for a week-long event (for fun, not for work). In the meantime, I could go to Guam without a visa, but it could be complicated for the following reasons:

  • Having traveled to Iran for research, I am no longer eligible for an ESTA. Although this applies to the continental United States, I am not sure of the impact on Guam.
  • My travel history is complicated: I travel a lot, it's no longer possible to list the countries I've been to in the last 10 years. I asked to attend a conference in the United States, but the process was extremely long and I eventually had to retrieve my passport in order to be able to go to another country.
  • My personal status is also complicated: I am transgender and I have corrected or thrown all the documents under my name death. So, when I am asked about my "name change", I have no supporting documents.

Question: Can I go to Guam without a visa?

I have to pay for things in Guam, so it's best to have a good idea whether I can enter or not.