I do not understand. How is President Trump racist?

"How can I love you? Let me count the paths …."
– Elizabeth Barrett Browning to his main man, the poet Robert Browning

In fact, there are too many reasons to count. His comments on trying to prevent any further immigration from so-called "sh * thole" countries – that is to say, from Africa and the United States. Latin America for the most part – are an example.

Moreover, when Trump was a fairly young man, he and his father were accused of racial discrimination – and I think I am doomed – for excluding African Americans from one of Trump Sr.'s most important real estate projects. .

Excluding the federal judge who ruled against Trump University a few years ago, pointing out that the judge is an American-Mexican and indicating that it disqualified him is another telling sign.

But if you can not or do not want to see the evidence before your eyes, no one on the Internet will change your mind. Of course, if you are in fact a Republican agent who lies on your family life and is determined to defend Trump at all costs, you will not be able to change your position either just because it runs into reality. .

– democratic socialist for common sense