I forgot the Gmail that I had used to create a Youtube channel

2 years ago, I created a YouTube channel, because I wanted to start making videos as a hobby. I uploaded a total of one video and I soon forgot it. Now I want to try to come back to it, but I do not remember the email that I used.

It's no longer in YouTube's "Accounts" list, nor in my GMail account list. The problem is that I do not think I have defined my main GMail account as a recovery account. When I run the account recovery process, it ends up giving me a list of unrelated accounts. The phone number is inactive, so I can not send him recovery SMS.

Going back to January 2017, I can see YouTube's automated e-mail stating that I was about to download the video, but no e-mail sign indicates that I was not there. I had defined my main mail as a recovery. This makes me think that I have defined my main email as recovery. If not, why would I have this email? Unless Google accounts do it somehow.

There is no trace of e-mail in my "All messages" filter. I used YouTube, Google and my channel name as search terms, but nothing is displayed.

In short, I have no way of retrieving email. I've tried to sit down and force the email abruptly until something works, but nothing happens. Is there anything I can do at all?

Thanks in advance,