I got error using api.currencylayer.com service

our site laravel 5.8 app which use api.currencylayer.com stopped to work
and I see error in console of my browser :

also when run url in browser I got error : https://prnt.sc/12d08az

our account is active and not expired : https://prnt.sc/12d09ln

I wrote to support of api.currencylayer.com 3 days ago and still did not got any feedback

Does somebody know what is wrong and why error?
This request worked ok about a week ago and now this error.
I checked in bitbucket : there were no any code modifications which could ocasionally break the app.

2] I tried to fix it by registering at api.currencylayer.com site and created free plan
and set new registered access key into the app and still have the same errors