I receive more than 500 cPanel monitoring error messages per month, whether Fix Fix or Change Host?


I use Thomas Host VPS 100 GB 3 GB of RAM for a few of my websites, less than 6 websites.

There is not a lot of traffic and the combined use represents just over half of the 100 GB allocated.

I have continually error messages from cPanel monitoring that usually tell me that my services chkservd, cphulkd, exim, lfd, msql, spamd and a lot of services have become unreactive or "se blocked".

When I submit a ticket, the support staff is friendly and resolves my problem in a matter of hours, but NEVER answer my question: WHY is this happening and how can it be prevented? These are support people, but I do not need to spend hours a week asking for help to repair my server.

Can anyone offer any help or insight into this, or should I be looking for a new VPS host?
Who would you recommend for a replacement host with similar specifications for less than $ 30 / month (server based in the US or Canada)?
I have been with Thomas Host since 2014.