I sent bitcoin from electrum but I never received the message, it was confirmed but I can not say what happened to the btc. Someone can help me?

Your transaction is visible on the blockchain. Click here to search for your transaction ID on the website of a block explorer.

The Block Explorer above shows what you already know about your screenshot: it indicates this address. bc1q7hsnpd794pap2hd3htn8hszdfk5hzgsj5md9lz has received 0.23975489 BTC from you on 2019-02-19.

Now, click here to view the history of the address bc1q7hsnpd794pap2hd3htn8hszdfk5hzgsj5md9lz. As you can see, there are 13 pages of transactions over a year old. If you do not recognize them, it probably means that bc1q7hsnpd794pap2hd3htn8hszdfk5hzgsj5md9lz is somebody else address.