i18n l10n – How to allow user to manually change language when using “Browser” Detection as a detection option?

We have a site with multiple languages and have been using the Language Switch Dropdown menu to allow users to change languages on the site. But when we add “Browser | Language from the browser’s language settings.” as an additional detection option along with “Selected Language” then the selected language no longer works as it is always overridden by the browser’s language, even if “Selected Language” is placed before it.

The ideal workflow would be:

  1. Language is detected from the browser and translated
  2. The Language Dropdown shows the current language (currently it always displays the default language, even if the browser detects and switches to a different language)
  3. The user can then override the browser language by selecting a different language from the drop-down switcher. (Currently the dropdown has no effect if a language is detected via the browser)

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