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[FONT=proxima_nova_rgregular]Icerbox scam.
They banned my account for no reason.
The first, he said "[/FONT]
you share it commercially"But when I ask him to give me the IP share, he can not show." Later, he said "we see a lot of downloads from your account"[FONT=proxima_nova_rgregular]

[FONT=proxima_nova_rgregular]This is my email to icerbox, and they do not respond:[/FONT]

now, suspected and banned my account? where your Rules about that?
I buy an account for download, and everyone else too. icerbox limit 50GB / day, and I can download 0-50GB, 1 download or 100,000 downloads if I wish.
In addition, I use a server, not just on the server, but other people use it, even if they may use icerbox.
You can not ban any account if you want. All must follow the Rules.
Limit of 50 GB / day => I can download at 50 GB. I can download 50 GB file size or 1 KB, 1000 files / day.
I do not break the rules. No reason you can show there to ban.
You must deactivate my accounts or refund all my money.


Do not have any abuse with my account. I ask to repay my money but they do not pay back.
They despise users, they just need money in their pockets, like children

Added after 2 minutes:

If bodies have been banned, please post them here.