iCloud Photos on Windows: How to have full size originals downloaded automatically?

For disk space reasons I have decided to switch from the “have all my photos on my Mac” to “have all my photos pushed from my Mac to iCloud and download originals to a spare Windows 10 stationary with lots of diskspace for backup purposes”.

I have now set this up so iCloud for Windows accurately reflects what happens in iCloud, but – as the documentation hints – only in the optimized versions and even with “Always keep on this device” checked on the Photos folder holding my photos the originals are only downloaded when I explicitly ask Windows to download it (and then kept)

I would like the default action to be “download originals always”. This is most likely a Windows configuration, as it appears that iCloud for Windows has been rewritten to work with Windows cloud support so it is this mechanism doing the heavy lifting, and probably not the iCloud client itself, but I am not familar enough with Windows 10 to be certain.

Any suggestions?