I’m getting tired of Litespeed

I have been a litespeed user for over 10 years. I currently have several active licenses and am getting tired of this software.

Little by little, the magic is running out and I’m deciding to change my web server.

I’ve always admired Litespeed for its unparalleled performance in php applications, I’ve always praised the software to friends and customers.

But little by little I’ve been noticing that Litespeed is developed for shared environments. The funniest thing is that our biggest customers don’t use Litespeed, curious.

It all started last week when I needed urgent help from support, total disregard for a person who has been a customer for years and who has always paid for enterprise licenses.

My irritation was the way the support was attended to, even after receiving access to the server, seeing the seriousness of the situation, they responded 2 hours later. The funniest “iron” was seeing support say that they were logged into the server evaluating the problem and after two hours saying they needed the new password.

Today, more issues with 403 errors reported by several customers. They ignore that the software might be having problems, and they always assume that the error is in you.

After talking to the client, lsrecaptcha was blocking many people with legitimate access to wp-admin, denying access and generating 403 errors.

After disabling lsrecaptcha in console, killing processes, clearing cache and doing everything I could, lsrecaptcha was still active blocking clients.

This report is an outburst, I’m getting tired of Litespeed.