Impact on refusal of entry to Croatia for my visa application for Spain and during the attempt to re-enter

Hi sorry to ask the same question? Due to my traumatic experience of my misinterpretation of Croatia and the Schengen Area in June 2018, I am not able to enter Croatia because of a single entry visa, despite the inscription on my itinerary that I had written in Croatia and I beg the guards did not give me a letter, nor stamped the entry forbidden to the 4 lines, anymore when they have left schengen space via zurich to travel to singapore, not a word from border control, he just stopped me. However, once again, I am afraid of the two parallel lines on my canceled exit stamp of the Slovenian border guard. Has this caused my rejection and my refusal of entry even if my visa is granted, please answer nicely if you wish and here is the photo of my stamp sent

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I applied again and I called the Embassy of Switzerland who issued my last visa as well as Spanish and they told me that this would not be a problem because they had to face similar problems because of their ignorance of Croatia and Schengen visas. ask this question because of my traumatized experience on my last trip which really scared me.