Implementation of the connection of social users to the stores of the FSB – FB, G +, Twitter, etc.

Why would I want your visitors to "connect" to your store with social media apps?

Associate / integrate your site with authority entities such as FB, G +, Twitter, etc. is essential to gain the trust of users. This gives the user a sense of security.

Provides the ability to optimize and personalize user experiences by displaying their social avatar, pseudonym or alias, for example. (Welcome! @Carey Baird + Social Avatar).

Note: There are more than 25 social networks with these application options. Some may suit you better than others depending on your niche.

It's nice @ronrico but, how does it cost the MULA, $, £, €?

Ok, above, I briefly explained an option to improve the user experience.

What site administrators can gain by having users connect with social media applications?

On the one hand, you will have the opportunity to access and store user details in your database, such as:

1) User names.
2) .Email Addresses.
3) .Gender.
4) Avatars.
and more…..

So what are we doing with this information?

Well, with the usernames and emails, we will have the opportunity to create email marketing campaigns to promote special offers, events, and so on.

The collection of data on gender is one that really fascinates me.

For example. Thet's say we have a high-end watch shop that we want to promote.
And in this store, we sell watches for men and women

Creating a single email marketing campaign to promote all watches is great!
But, having the ability to create two separate surveillance campaigns on the basis of Gender idata's Awesome!

An email campaign to promote men's watches and another to promote women's watches.

Look at it this way. If you are a guy and receive an email promoting women's products, you will ignore it and may even want to unsubscribe. Not good….

How could we really improve the user experience with the benefits?

I think that creating a wish list page would be an interesting experience to experiment with.
This wish list page would look like the functionality of our shopping cart page.

Special features of the wish list page:
1). View products in rows.
2) We add a column of Buy Amz buttons for each product.
2-b). There should be a Buy Universal button at Amz at the bottom of the page for all the products we have in the cart.
3) An additional column for each product with social sharing icons.
3-b). Ability to include custom tags at the beginning of the product title for social sharing icons.

For example. Product name = gold watch. When adding a custom tag, the user will share and publish an ad "Custom Tag – Gold Watch"

Examples of custom tags included in the article.

– My Wish List – Gold Watch
– Liquidation! – Gold watch
– On sale – Gold watch

I've already implemented some social login apps on a site I'm tinkering with.
It works very well! See the pictures

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