Indexing issue with Google to my Adult related products

Hello Webmasters,

I’m experiencing “
Child sexual abuse imagery is illegal” while trying to check my site’s page index in Google.

It is an online store offering adult related products similar to,
While checking my, it shows warning with 0 pages but while checking the same for lovehoney, it is showing number of pages.
can check it for
Any one who have experience with the sex toys or adult related products optimization, can help me better in this issue.
Is this issue due to its products which are Adult related? if so, then why not with Lovehoney ?
If not, then what is wrong I have done on my site?
Even in my search console, it is showing 392 pages under Coverage>Submitted and indexed with the status:Valid.
and whecking the same page by typing the exact url in google (as per search console), it is also shows zero result.

kindly help me in this issue.