Indian Citizens – Help With Details For British Tourist Visa Application For Dependents

I am planning a trip to the UK with my wife and two children, Indian citizens. I have created 4 different apps for each that are almost filled but not yet submitted. I am the main applicant and financial sponsor of this trip, the others being dependents. My wife is an employee and we mention her contact information and we also send her her bank documents.

I have some doubts in answering some questions as detailed below

  1. Should our children be included in the list of dependents in my wife's application, or only in mine, because I am spending money on each?

  2. Online forms do not allow us to enter N.A or the number 0 for expenses in applications for dependents for the question "How much money do you plan to spend for your visit to the UK". Do I have to enter a symbolic amount such as 1 GBP or 1 INR and specify later in the remarks section? Has anyone else been confronted with this and what were the appropriate answers?

  3. How much do I indicate for "How much do you have in savings (in GBP)?" Mine and my wives combined in my application and the same number in his with additional remarks explaining the same thing. Or do we keep separate amounts in our respective applications? Should she mention expenses separate from her savings for the trip?

  4. For "How much will they pay for your visit?" in the case of my wife and children, should I simply indicate the total amount I have indicated as travel expenses in my application or should I divide it into several amounts?

  5. For other sections such as "Additional Information" and "Give details of the main purpose of your visit", should I enter the details of the dependents or just a note asking to refer to the details of my request? with my GWF number.

Thank you for your quick answers and tips.