Indian citizens – Regarding transit via Hong Kong

You do not need a visa, provided you stay in the international transit area of ​​the airport.

Timatic, the database used by airlines to check a passenger's travel documents, states:

TWOV (transit without visa):
Visa required, except for confirmed passengers
Ticket (air-to-air or air-sea) to a third country within 48
hours. They must remain in the international transit area and
have required documents for the next destination.

You have not asked, but regarding New Zealand, if you have a visa but your passport does not include a label for the visa, you must bring your letter of approval visa.

Issuing the visa:
New Zealand publishes both printed visa labels and unlabeled labels
visas. Printed visa tags are inserted in a passport or
travel document. There is no physical evidence of a
visa without a label in the passport or travel document, but all
passengers must be provided with a printed visa approval letter
confirms the details of their visa.

The New Zealand visa file is kept in New Immigration
The systems and the boarding authority of Zeeland should be checked
using the NZ APP system. Airlines not connected to NZ APP
who carry a passenger during a previous leg of their trip,
can use TIETACNZ, or see the printed visa etiquette or visa
letter of approval to identify travel conditions, such as
if the person is exempted from the obligation to hold
return ticket.