Install VapourSynth on Ubuntu 18.04

I'm trying to install VapourSynth to configure SVP on my Ubuntu 18.04. I have tried to follow this guide: but it seems that the app does not exist anymore. I have also tried

pip3 install VapourSynth

get a weird mistake

/ usr / bin / ld: can not find -lvapoursynth

He seems to be trying to liaise with libvapoursynth to install Vapoursynth himself. The official guide also mentions something like this in the pip installation section:

You can install the Python wrapper with the help of pip.

Install vapoursynth using Pip using this command:

pip install VapourSynth

Please note that you must always have a functional installation of VapourSynth in advance.

What do you think is happening here? Am I supposed to get a pre-built library from somewhere to build it for my system? Since pip himself is trying to compile this, I'm not sure that compiling it from the source will help me. Can any one help please help clear up this confusion?