intel – Faster CPU for SQL Server

We want to buy a new server for SQL server,

We have around 10 DB, and heavy jobs every 10 minutes to process millions of records,

Also, we have around 20 end users,

We want to know what is the best CPU for this server,

and what is the advantage/disadvantage of option2 vs option1 (is the same cores)

and multi – CPU vs multi-core, option 1 vs option 3 with more clock speed, but 2 smaller CPU,

Option 1

Intel Platinum 8280, 28C/56T, 2.70 GHz/ 4.00 GHz T, with 3 UPI Links

Price $20,564

Option 2

Intel Gold 6258R, 28C/56T, 2.70 GHz/ 4.00 GHz T, with 2 UPI Links

Price $13,704

Option 3

2 X Intel Gold 6246R, 16C/32T, a total of 32C/64T 3.40 GHz/ 4.10 GHz T, with 2 UPI Links, a Total of 4 UPI Links

Price $16,865

This is the comparison of the CPU,199350,192478