Interaction Design – Ask users if the data is true or positive

I am currently working on a system that handles Big Data and has an AI classification. However, the AI ​​is not yet fully trained, and I would like to gather some information. True positive (TP) and False Positive (FP) examples to further train the AI ​​and increase its accuracy.

Since the data belongs to the users, it means that I have to validate with them if the predictions of the AI ​​are correct and let them judge. Given the above, I was trying to find a way to ask users to share their comments on the data.[[[[true statement]? However, I do not want them to think that the performance of the AI ​​is poor and that the processed data can not be reliable.

How could I ask the user for these comments? Should I be honest and forthright? If so, how can this process be minimal? I was just thinking of an approach in the sense of the question and two buttons, which means Yes or no.