Interaction Design – What is the type of graph called in the Chrome Network Inspector?

First time by asking a question in this SE. I hope my formatting is ok. Do not hesitate to report any misuse of the question asked.

For a project, I need to create a UX similar to a dashboard. I am currently looking for opportunities and several items, and I do not know what else to do about the type of user interface elements used in the Chrome development tools (which is in a way, what I'm looking for). Does anyone know how to call this type of user interface? Be more descriptive;

This is a timeline that displays certain events that occurred during a process. The user is able to inspect events in a "block" by this time by selecting a portion of the time view.

I have attached a screenshot of the UI in question below.

I would like to know if this model has a name or if there are interactions similar to those described in more detail in which to dig in and learn about these types of complex behaviors.

Thanks in advance!


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