Intermittent DFS folder links vanishing

I hope someone can help me on this as its driving me MAD!

I have just started this new company, I didn’t set this up and i’m a little confused with the set up as never used DFS before.

We have x3 DCs with DFS and DFS-r enabled.


work c:DFSrootsWork

DC2: work c:DFSrootsWork
*note no shares folder present to E:

DC3: work c:DFSrootsWork


Our users desktops and my docs are mapped to

Users keep intermittently experience no access to their files.

What seems to be the issue is that in there are no links to , musers , Software or wusers.
so they keep randomly disappearing for different users even though they have full access to all servers.

I can replicate this issue myself. Infact the folder links always seem to be missing for me no matter which server my machine is pointing to as the time….every now and again they will come back.

So if we go to dc1work, dc2work or dc3work or if we replace the dc with the relevant ip, the files are present and the users have full access to these files and folders.

If we don’t use the full FQDN, so Officework the links are present and things work as they should and everything is accessible.

This only seems to be an issue over our VPN we have x2 and same issue for both….not sure if the delay is making a difference..

So the issue seems only to be with the full FQDN.

I’ve tested the replication and dns all seems to be working fine.
when I run a dcdiag /v I get loads of sharing violation errors.

The DFS Replication service has been repeatedly prevented from replicating a file due to consistent sharing violations encountered on the file.
The service failed to stage a file for replication due to a sharing violation.

Is there any easy way of managing folder permissions over 3 servers for 100 users profiles?
I can’t go through all these errors

Not sure if this is a red herring?

Any help appreciated to point me in the right direction.