Invalid Innodb table status (size / rows) after Mysql 5.7 update> 8

I have updated Mysql 5.7> 8 on Ubuntu 18.04
Made by guide, very accurate, on a new empty server, checked all error logs / warnings and corrects it. Everything works well with that.

I have 2 same Innodb tables, 1 was created and filled before the update and has the correct number of lines / size when querying:

Another table shows me a size of 16 KB and no line, but its now ~ 8 GB and 4.5 million lines there. I tried to do Analyze the file name / Update in the client (Heidisql).

I can not find anything in Google about this problem. I choose table manually and I check the number of rows, but when I use mysql visual clients such as Phpmyadmin / HeidiSql, no data is shown in this table.