ios – How to prevent an application from interrupting music?

When I squirt iTunes listen to music on my bluetooth speaker from my iPhone, if i open a video application, including an app only showing video ads, the app will preempt the music i was listening to and stop. That leads me insaniac. This is not a failure, but a serious nuisance.

Although my iPhone is currently working IOS 13.2this question has been around for as long as I can remember.

I have examined the access of these applications in the IOS settings, but I can not disable anything: "Siri & Research","The notifications","Refresh the App in the background"and"Mobile dataare configurable options for such an application, none of which will be guilty.

In addition, I have examined "Privacy"in the settings and can not find these offending applications with the type of access that would preempt the iTunes Music transmitted via Bluetooth to my speaker.

Has anyone found a way to tame such clumsy apps whose audio makes hostile takeovers of audio output?