ios – iPhone X stuck in recovery mode after maxing out storage. Getting “Error Code 14”

So a couple of weeks ago I restarted my iPhone after it started glitching like crazy, when I tried to boot it up again it got stuck on the apple logo. A couple of days later I found an article that said something about booting it into recovery mode and then updating it threw iTunes would fix it, well big mistake. Now it’s stuck in recovery mode. I have tried every possible thing I can think of to boot it out.


Updating it in iTunes

Updating it in Finder

Switching cables

Switching computers

Using Reiboot to boot it out of recovery mode

Using Reiboot Pro (Paid Version of Reiboot) to “Repair the operating system”

Using 3u tools to repair it.

Using checkra1n to jailbreak it in DFU mode

Using a Windows computer to try to mount the iPhone as a removable storage device

And a couple of other 3rd party tools. None of which have successfully fixed it.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

P.S. This iPhone is a business phone with a lot of important information on it that hasn’t been backed up in quite a long time, so it’s very important for me to try to get the information off of it.