iphone – iOS Jailbroken Cydia and several problems

I've installed theos on my iPhone 6 jailbroken under iOS 10.3.3 by following this guide. In doing so, I had to delete this tweak. After that, I tried to install a different tweak, (I do not remember which one), which said that it was necessary to libcolorpicker. When I tried to install it, Cydia tried to install a series of modifications already installed. When it succeeded and corrected, a lot of tweaks and applications (SpringChanger, TypeStatus2, NewTerm2, which I do not remember the name anymore), so I launched uicache (in doubleH3lix), and when that did not nothing, I reinstalled in safe mode and I tried to reinstall Cydia (Cydia installation program, Cydia Translations, CydiaSubstrate and many other things). At some point during the installation (or after, again uncertain), Cydia broke down, and when I launched it, I was told that Cydia Installer, Cydia Translations, Flame and one or two other packages. I tried to reinstall Cydia Installer and Cydia Translations from there and I received the error message Internal error, No file name for cydia: iphoneos-arm.

Whenever I try to install something in cydia, I get Internal error, No file name for cydia: iphoneos-arm.

I'm sorry if it sounds panicky and confusing (that's the case). At the moment, my phone is not jailbroken (I restarted it for fear that it will not work anymore)

I think I should install libcolorpicker from a .deb file, and maybe Cydia Installer is installed from a .deb file (or worse, that would be really bad) from g0blin.