IPTV Dedicated server required | Talk Web Hosting

I can tell you that there is no way to find a port not measured at 10 Gbps with a bandwidth of even decent quality for $ 600 in Europe.

This may be possible elsewhere, but I doubt however that the quality of the bandwidth will be sufficient to allow streaming on IPTV.

Do you really need an unmetered port at 10 Gbps or do you possibly need a 10 Gbps port that can be popped with a much lower 95th percentile usage? Do you know what is your use of the 95th percentile of bandwidth?

At $ 600, you should be able to find a high-quality (95th percentile) 2Gbps unshielded port with a burstable 10Gbps port, but a truly unmetered 95Gbps (95th percentile) port will exceed $ 1.5k per month .