Is it illegal to pretend to be a celebrity?

You know it's not illegal to pretend to be celebrities as long as you advertise that you're an imitator. Elvis imitators have almost become a meme.

So you can dress up as a celebrity and act as one, and be one as much as nature and your own make-up skills allow, but if someone asks you directly if you're Justin Bieber and you do not do not answer with the truth, that you are not, you have just committed a crime. Let people believe what they want, but do not say that you are not who you are, and if you are asked to sign an autograph, sign anything other than your name. You can even have a stack of photos of yourself to take with you. Ask them their name, personalize it, then sign it and write below: "Famous Justin Impersonator". Some people might not like this, but others might think it's pretty cool – after all, they've had something for free. And they'll have a story to tell, and who knows, you might get a little notoriety or notoriety. Just do not lie.