Is it possible to fix Samsung XCover Pro lock/unlock?

The Samsung XCover Pro advertises a large XCover and Top keys that can be used to wake the device and launch apps with one press. Both have a setting called “Use while screen locked”. With that setting enabled, and a PIN and/or fingerprint enabled to unlock the screen, I am unable to wake the device or launch apps from a locked screen as advertised. If the screen is off, pressing the buttons does nothing at all. If the screen is on, I have to enter my PIN first before any app will open, including apps that shouldn’t need a PIN, like the camera. Even turning on the screen is a pain. There are two options: 1] Find the impossibly small, recessed wake button on the side, and press it, or 2] Enable “Lift to wake”, which makes the phone think you are constantly scanning an invalid fingerprint, so the screen stays on, draining the battery and automatically disabling biometric unlocking.

I just want my Samsung XCover Pro to work as advertised. Has anyone found a solution to this?