Is there a simple way to disable / hide unwanted master pages?

Hello – I was wondering if members knew a way to disable / hide the pages of my site that I do not want and that are preinstalled with FSB?

I realize that there is an alert that the "main" pages can not be deleted if I try to do it, but there are several that I do not want on my site – but they are still accessible via their URLs on my site, even if I delete them from the map of my site – so I guess they're still there to be crawled by Google, and so on.

I work on my first FSB store. Previously, I used html or WordPress design programs. I added to my sites only the pages I really wanted on these. No pages are preinstalled, or if it is still easy to delete them.

Among the pages I do not want on my site are special offers, bundles, brands, categories, our newsletter, our website (we have already merged information about this page in my page "contact -we"). I have deleted these pages from the site map in Page Options, but they can still be viewed on my website com / special offers; my website. com / all-bundles, my site. com / categories etc.

The fact that these URLs can still be viewed through their URLs means that there are pages on my site that do not contain any content or the generic content of the FSB, which will be equivalent to duplicating content if that content This is picked up by the search engines. I do not want to add unique and fresh content to pages that are not intentionally used on my site anyway.

I've contacted tech support a few times and some suggestions have been very helpful, but I hoped that there was a faster way to hide those unwanted pages. Technical support suggested blocking pages with my robots.txt file. They also say that they could "try to remove them from the database, but that would require a test site test first."

I looked at some other "live" sites created by other members and I noticed that these "main" pages were still accessible via their URLs. It is therefore clear that they have not been able to exclude them from their sites via robots.txt, and so on. Maybe I'm just asking too much – but it seems odd to me that FSB actually forces you to have several pages accessible on your site that you might not really want.

The support also tells me: "I suppose if a page is not in your sitemap, Google should not get it back." However, there have been occasions when I have not added a sitemap xml file to my sites yet. at all and the search engines still managed to recover all pages from these sites after a while.

I would be very grateful if anyone on the forum could make suggestions. Thank you.